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Traditional Japanese and Chinese Brushpainting designs...


Peruse traditional designs in Japanese sumi-e and Chinese xie yi brushpainting styles. The prints, available in greeting cards and paintings, are from originals painted on rice paper by Portland, Oregon artist Karen Fullerton.

My Chop

My Chop. The red chop, or seal, appears on my artwork. Chops are usually carved in stone, but can be metal or other hard material. The chop itself is a work of art, and some are very detailed and elegant. In Imperial China and Japan, the artists worked for the emperor, thus the emperor’s chop was applied to paintings to show ownership. In contemporary times the chop is the artist’s own signature. It is usually the artist’s name or a meaningful phrase.


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Other locations where Karen Fullerton's art can be viewed/purchased:
Portland Japanese Garden
Mingei International Museum, Balboa Park, San Diego
Gifts and Decor, Portland
Various art shows, Oregon, California